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5 Best Online Banking Courses and Certifications in India!


Going for a career in banking is one of the thoughtful decisions one can make in the present times. This is due to the sole reason that the banking sector is growing at a steady pace and is providing youngsters with multiple opportunities under varied profiles. 

To get into the banking industry, it is imperative that one has the right skills and knowledge to be a part of the prosperous banking system. For this, one must enrol in various banking courses and certifications to crack the interview and get placed under various profiles in the leading banks. 

Due to time shortage or other personal/professional commitments in the present times, most people are taking up online banking courses. So, let us explore the top 5 best online banking courses and certifications in India. 

5 Best Online Banking Courses

  1. Branch Relationship Manager Program

This program is focused on preparing an individual to deal with clients and help them in making the right decision related to their respective accounts, along with explaining to them the associated financial services. 

  1. Branch Sales Officer Program

In this program, students learn how to acquire customers from the online/local market and cross-sell third-party and banking financial products to them. 

  1. Consumer Lending

This course is focused on financing household and individual customers. A majority of loan types in this include home loans, personal loans, and auto loans. 

  1. Corporate Banking RM and Credit Analysis

This program is aimed at preparing individuals to provide analytical support to senior bank employees in order to make the right decisions as per the market. 

  1. Credit Risk and Operational Risk

This is one of the best digital banking courses where students understand and appreciate the essence of operational risk in financial institutions and banks, along with learning to prepare for the same.

5 Best Online Banking Certificates

  1. Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) certification

CFA Institute administers this certificate program that is aimed at training people in securities and investments. 

  1. Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®) designation

This certificate program is for individuals who learn to manage alternate investments like real assets and hedge funds. 

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification

If you are thinking about which certification is best for banking, this is probably the one. CPA licence holds immense importance for individuals who work as financial analysts, tax consultants, and accountants. 

  1. Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) certification

These certification bearers most likely work in banks as risk analysts or risk-management specialists. 

  1. Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) designation

This certificate trains students in understanding a client’s complete financial portfolio and provide him/her customized financial plans. 


We hope you have got a good knowledge about the top 5 best online banking courses and certifications in India. Getting a certificate or course in banking is surely one of the best ways to enter the banking sector since one is equipped with the right knowledge and skills required for different profiles. However, one must realize that learning is an ongoing process and even after getting placed in a bank, one has to learn at a constant pace since the industry is evolving fastly. 

Also, one must get enrolled in a top institute that provides quality online banking courses and certificates. With a  number of online institutes out there, it can become confusing for the students. 

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