IPB’s Digital Initiative: In this vulnerable times of COVID -19 IPB has launched India’s first e learning banking portal.

This is 2021- the modern age of digitalization! Today, almost every process’s functionality in each sector has gone online and the banking sector is no different. This is the reason the Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) decided to match the present technological times. 

It did so by launching India’s first-ever e-learning banking portal under the brand name Aspiring Bankers! So, let us dig deeper into the journey of IPB and the foundation of Aspiring Bankers. 

IPB’s Success Journey

Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) started with the sole aim of getting young enthusiasts prepared for the banking industry in a way that helps them crack the exams/interviews, along with training them to sustain the competitive banking sector. Like any other institute, IPB started small. 

However, within a short span of 6 years, it was able to train more than 2500 youngsters. Also, it helped them get placed in leading banks as Relationship Managers, Wealth Managers, KYC/AML Compliance Officers, Personal Bankers, Tellers- Cash & Remittances, and more. 

Within this time, IPB expanded itself in the following regions:

  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Rajasthan
  • Delhi NCR
  • Maharashtra

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

IPB is riding high on the success it has achieved as a result of imparting quality banking education and training during all such years.

And the following stats prove the same:

  • 15 centres in 8 states
  • 91+ experienced tutors
  • 2517+ students trained and placed
  • 12+ banks offering an average salary package of 2.4 lacs/annum

The Need for a Digital Launch

Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) always wanted to maximize its reach when it came to educating and training students to make a career in the banking industry. However, in these busy times, it becomes difficult for everyone to opt for physical classes. 

This is the reason IPB decided to launch its digital branch-Aspiring Bankers. With this, people who have difficulty reaching IPB’s centres physically can simply do it digitally. Since its inception, it has been widely accepted and appreciated due to the fact that IPB was its training backbone. 

Aspiring Bankers-Quality Education Assured:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute
  • Experienced Bankers
  • Highly Researched and Duly Updated Online Banking Modules
  • Weekly Master/Doubt clearing class
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Industry Integrated Training Content and Learning Methodology
  • Free Access to Fortnightly Webinars
  • Easy Self-paced Banking Modules


IPB’s journey has been a remarkable one for the institute. And with the launch of Aspiring Bankers, it is surely going to live its dream of maximizing its educational reach. Nowadays, every service is going digital and this step of IPB is indeed taken in the right direction. 

If you also lack time in attending classes physically, you can simply enrol yourself in our online banking courses. For any doubts/inquiries, you may call us on +91-7299-0000-62 or e-mail at:

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